Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sweet Finds

I picked up some new (to me) plates yesterday. Aren't they sweet?
Better yet- they were half off which made them a deal...

I also picked up this gorgeous Redwing teapot.
I feel kind of bad because I broke up the immaculate full serving/dinner set,
but it was way overpriced. Surprisingly the teapot was the best priced.
There are 5 teapots in the house now- does that mean I have a collection?


  1. Jen, You have so many beautiful ceramic pieces. You should take picts of a lot of them and put them up! I love the eclectic collection you have.

  2. I have a matching little bird plate that goes with your teapot. Where did you find it? It's a perfect little size and I enjoy eating off it.... :)

  3. Shh...West Seattle Antique Mall