Sunday, May 30, 2010

Meet the new neighbors...

I had a great discovery for the holiday weekend when I decided to find the robin's nest on Friday night. I knew there was a nest close by because I had seen a pair of robins for the past few weeks hanging around and darting in to trees while I was toiling in the front yard removing turf and creating borders.

The nest had to be close and my first guess was the snag of cedar trees until Brian said they never go directly to the nest. So I went outside to the side of our house where there is a beautiful overgrown flowering tree. I poked my head under the branches and resurfaced underneath the dense, sheltered perennial amongst the pink blossoms and yes, when I turned my head- the robin's nest.
I was face to face with the mamma robin! Perhaps a foot separated us and she dare not move- hoping I would not see her. I slowly retreated to leave her in peace. But we did snap a few photos while the parents were away. (Brian took the awesome photo of the nestlings!)

We can watch the young feeding literally from our doorstep.

The pileated woodpecker has been very active too- I wish I could find its nest!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Birds in the Garden (and things with wings)

I almost mowed over this little guy. I found him planted face down in the lawn. Such a beauty and not a scratch on him. It seemed like it fell from its perch the way its claws are curled.

There seems to be a pair of western tanagers nesting somewhere close to my yard! I've seen these two for the past few days and I've read that the male only has the orange head when it's mating. I've only seen a male western tanager once before hiking. I'm not sure, but I think that is the female below.

It seems I have competition in the photo category. Brian just got a new camera and is already taking great photos! Check out the beautiful swallowtail butterfly.