Saturday, August 21, 2010

bye bye birdies...hello frogs

The hawks were driving me crazy- I was at the window from dawn until dusk and then one day they were just gone. Weird. But the last night I saw them, one came down and sat on our car almost as if to say goodbye.

This video is for the ladies at work.
We rescued these african dwarf frogs from a very small container that they shared with a betta. The betta repeatedly punched the frogs in the belly with its nose and the frogs cowered below hardly ever moving. I couldn't stand it any longer and moved the frogs to a larger bowl to finally this tank. We started feeding them bloodworms instead of the fish pellets (that the betta ate anyway) and we can tell they have grown. I adopted them and after a traumatizing drive home- they are adjusting and seem in good spirits.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Backyard Wildlife (and frontyard)

Cooper's Hawk
We have transformed our front yard into a wildlife viewing area with a wide variety of birds, raccoons, squirrels and garden snakes. However with the abundance of birds at our feeders we attracted some Cooper's Hawks too. One morning I counted 5 in one sighting- 4 came out of one tree alone.

Juvenile Male Downy Woodpecker sitting on our powercable

Raccoon paw prints in the bird bath (if you look closely)