Sunday, June 27, 2010

Birds in the garden

Although this happened a few weeks ago, I thought I'd update what happened with the robins. After one week since I discovered the nestling robins, I was lucky enough to see them fledge the following Saturday afternoon. I only got to see the last remaining nestling take flight to the neighboring cedar tree where the mamma robin continued to feed it.

I haven't seen the robins since then and they didn't take up the same nest for a 2nd clutch. Oh well...I did have a visiting goldfinch...

This is the first sighting of a cedar waxwing for me. I saw him yesterday and again today in the cedar tree.

Here is one of our new squirrel proof bird feeders. They are both great and bring me lots of satisfaction.

The female downy resting on our patio glider.

The male downy in the new cage feeder.