Friday, August 28, 2009

Sneak Peek

These are a few items I will be posting on my etsy vintage shop next week. I will have 3 scary cats just in time for Halloween! These are tin/foil type made in the USA! Very cool. soldout!

Whoever originally owned them stapled a back on to it, so the kitty could stand.

Also, for dog lovers I have a sweet, needlepoint Scottie! This miniature work of art measures 2.75 in x 4 in. Crafty.

A lovely, floral Vera Lucky Ladybug scarf. sold!

And I did not do this scarf justice with my photo! This is an amazing oversize scarf measuring 31.5 in x 31.5 in. It does not have a tag, but I believe it is pure silk and was hand screened. I must say, it is my favorite! Click on it and view the larger image to see how beautiful it truly is...

Lovely hand knitted lace collar.

Calling all tree-huggers. Very cool Lady Arrow top.

Love the grove of trees.

This will not be for sale. I've been in search of a lampshade for 5 years now to top off my granny's milk glass lamp base that I've been waiting to take out of my basement. Finally I found the perfect shade with daisies that match the flowers on the base!

sweet dreams

Friday, August 21, 2009

UBNA Chronicles

Another visit to the Union Bay Natural Area and grass is starting to grow back in the burned fields. The emerald blades are a stark contrast against the black, charred remains. This time there weren't any birds foraging in the burnt meadows, but there were plenty in the nearby pond. I haven't yet identified the bird above. There were a pair- so cute! They were very tiny. The other one (not pictured) was more white and they swam nervously- reminding me a lot of an irish Moorhen.

Least Sandpiper

Ladybug and Queen Anne's Lace

My token photo of a heron which I rather like

Friday, August 14, 2009

Garden Harvest

Wondering what to do with all of your garden zucchinis? Other than give them away to all of your friends and family, how about zucchini bread? When a friend gave me an abundant supply of zucchinis from her garden, I gave some away and made zucchini bread with the gianormous ones I kept.

I used the recipe from found here. I chose this recipe because it seemed to call for less sugar than other recipes. Although it uses 1.5 cups of sugar, at least it isn't 3 cups!

I was able to make the recipe quite a few times and experiment while giving the loaves to friends and family. The loaves were very good and extremely moist. I discovered when I ran out of walnuts that if you use pecans instead- the bread is still moist, but didn't seem as oily. Now, I prefer to use pecans instead of walnuts.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Welcome to my vintage closet

I've been collecting vintage items as long as I can remember...I've recently organized my closet and discovered many treasures from long ago. I find it a shame that these items are not receiving the admiration they deserve- so I have started my own shop of vintage finds.

Everyone needs a gnome sold!

Starry skies vintage shirt (women's)

Dreamy pink nightgown sold!

Sweetest bird pin

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Union Bay Natural Area brush fire

A group of us went to the Union Bay Natural Area (the Montlake Fill) on a regular outing and were surprised to come across a burnt out field. We thought it must have been a controlled burn but found out later on the internet it wasn't planned. According to the UW Daily, Campus Crime Blotter post the fire occurred July 29th- only 8 days previous from our visit. The brush fire burned roughly 2 acres and the charred remains is a stark contrast amongst the golden fields thriving with wildflowers.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Blackberry surprise

I must admit I have secretly enjoyed our recent spell of dry, hot weather (upper 80's to 104 degrees- this is summer!). The heatwave has brought on an early crop of blackberries which aren't usually ready to pick until late August. We have already picked berries and made delicious jam and now routinely use them in smoothies and as an addition to our breakfast.

I also had a change of heart against the invasive blackberries that invade our parks and greenbelts...Fresh, abundant fruit- not to mention FREE is great! It's almost a shame that the city and volunteers have been eradicating them in the nearby parks and greenbelt during these economic hard times.

My favorite breakfast at the moment- granola, peaches, milk & blackberries.

What to avoid when picking blackberries...
  • Don't pick berries without having your 1st cup of coffee
  • Don't wear shorts
  • Don't attempt to reach faraway blackberries while balancing on one foot, leaning downhill