Saturday, August 1, 2009

Blackberry surprise

I must admit I have secretly enjoyed our recent spell of dry, hot weather (upper 80's to 104 degrees- this is summer!). The heatwave has brought on an early crop of blackberries which aren't usually ready to pick until late August. We have already picked berries and made delicious jam and now routinely use them in smoothies and as an addition to our breakfast.

I also had a change of heart against the invasive blackberries that invade our parks and greenbelts...Fresh, abundant fruit- not to mention FREE is great! It's almost a shame that the city and volunteers have been eradicating them in the nearby parks and greenbelt during these economic hard times.

My favorite breakfast at the moment- granola, peaches, milk & blackberries.

What to avoid when picking blackberries...
  • Don't pick berries without having your 1st cup of coffee
  • Don't wear shorts
  • Don't attempt to reach faraway blackberries while balancing on one foot, leaning downhill

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