Friday, July 24, 2009

The secret lives of bees

Every evening I go out in to the yard in hopes of getting a photo of the flickers that take a dirt bath on our gravel road in front of the driveway. While I was sitting amongst the flowers, trying to blend in- I became distracted by the bees. I also discovered a bee thief in my garden.

This guy is covered with pollen.
(click on photos to enlarge)

This little bee was so tiny I almost didn't see it.

I'm not sure what this guy was up to, but it kept stealing petals and coming back for more!

Stop thief!


  1. Aww, I love this post! I think bees are so amazing. Thanks for sharing these photos!

  2. I wonder why he was taking the flowers? I've never seen a bee carry anything before...Great photos, I found you on WSB. :)

  3. Thanks Amanda! Nice to hear from you!

    To section331- I've been trying to find info on the internet about bees taking petals but am at a loss! I saw the bee take petals at least 3 times within a span of about 20 minutes. WSB rules!