Sunday, April 18, 2010

Welcome to the Southwest

We just spent a week in New Mexico visiting the Gila National Forest and Silver City. I read an article about the Gila River in the Defenders of Wildlife and was intrigued by the ecosystem created by the river and the wildlife and birds it attracted.

After a little research on the internet me and Brian booked a week at the Casitas de Gila which was recommended by Sunset magazine as one of the top 10 places to visit. Ok- I just looked it up and it was actually top 10 romantic cottages, but I think everyone who has visited would say top 10 places to visit. We were hooked with the description and sign posting of a "stress-free zone".

Casitas de Gila get big thumbs up! I loved every detail from the freshly baked pumpkin bread upon arrival to the great cooking pans and comfy mattress! Becky and Michael provide an exceptional retreat I truly hope to visit again.

Sunset at Casitas de Gila.

Hooker Loop Road to Casitas de Gila.
Sorry about the smooshed bugs on windscreen.

Here's our lovely Nissan Altima Hybrid rental. What a comfortable ride with zip!
Love that car.

Where I had my morning cup. The first morning we were there I was awoken by the sound of frantic wings beating- the hummers feeding at the window.

What a view!

Brian brought his harmonica and serenaded me (and the neighbors).

Vultures of Gila.

Red-tailed hawk

Definitely a highlight- seeing kestrels for the first time!
They are so cool!

Western Meadowlark seen near Ft. Bayard on the Forest Rd.

Black hooded oriole seen outside the casita.

Seen at the Catwalk entrance.

Vermillion Flycather seen on the way to Gila National Forest campground in between Cliff & Gila.
This little guy was so cute- we went to see him again a second day.
He was in the same area hunting and posed for more photos.