Friday, August 14, 2009

Garden Harvest

Wondering what to do with all of your garden zucchinis? Other than give them away to all of your friends and family, how about zucchini bread? When a friend gave me an abundant supply of zucchinis from her garden, I gave some away and made zucchini bread with the gianormous ones I kept.

I used the recipe from found here. I chose this recipe because it seemed to call for less sugar than other recipes. Although it uses 1.5 cups of sugar, at least it isn't 3 cups!

I was able to make the recipe quite a few times and experiment while giving the loaves to friends and family. The loaves were very good and extremely moist. I discovered when I ran out of walnuts that if you use pecans instead- the bread is still moist, but didn't seem as oily. Now, I prefer to use pecans instead of walnuts.

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