Friday, February 6, 2009

Masks & Dragons

Aren't these masks cool? This lovely collection belongs to pal Debbie.
I love the display- her apartment is so cute!

Yesterday in the ID.
Couldn't pass up a photo of this fab mural.

I also couldn't pass up my first eyebrow wax down in Uwajimaya Village...Yow!
Actually it didn't hurt- Harumi from Savvy Cosmetics did an awesome job.
Thanks to Laura for talking me in to it and documenting what she hoped
to be torture- it was kind of fun.


  1. Hey I recognize those mask and that person getting her eyebrows plucked out, Yikes!

  2. i'm ever so frightened of return stubble.
    That's some crazy photo Jen.

  3. Thanks for showcasing my decorating style, Jen.