Friday, February 27, 2009

A beautiful day in the neighborhood

After keeping the windows shut all winter, I’ve been trying to air out the house. Although it snowed yesterday and was pretty darn cold, I opened our bedroom window for a few minutes anyway. The window I opened swings out so there isn’t a screen on it and as I was standing there a hummingbird flew not two feet directly in front of me! I stood in stunned awe as the hummer hovered for a moment with a curious look then as quick as it appeared- it was gone. I was half expecting it to come in for a cup of tea.

Well, this morning I decided to open the kitchen window and was serenaded by a beautiful bird while the sun rose. Oh, if anyone can id any of the birds in the background of the raccoon clip I would greatly appreciate it. (I can identify the robin!)

While I was in the office looking for jobs on the internet, I heard an eerie rasping sound coming through the open kitchen window. I’ve come to recognize this sound as one of the resident raccoons and went to investigate. Yep, there he was sauntering around the yard. I went out to get a closer look (but not too close) and discovered two other raccoons he was going to meet in one of their favored trees. After I observed them for a while from inside the house, two of them moved to a neighboring plum tree while the other remained in the crook of the first tree.

Hopefully my neighbors didn't see me running around looking like a right wally in my pajamas outside. (Oh yeah- they're all at work!)

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