Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spectacular Spectacles

As I’ve been getting older, my eyes have become drier with age. I have found it helpful if I don’t wear contacts daily so instead I rely on my glasses. The only trouble is- glasses are expensive especially when you have a prescription that changes every year. In the past I have spent $300-500 on a pair of spectacles. I must admit I like fashionable glasses but not necessarily the name brands like Prada, DKNY, Dior or Adrienne Vittadini…for some reason I tend toward more geeky-chic or frames that usually turn out to be more expensive than the others on display like Prodesign, Matsuda or Beausoleil (which were incredible handmade frames made in France) to name a few.

So when my friend told me she got her cute glasses at Paris-Miki at Uwajimaya Village and the small cost she paid, I was skeptical to say the least.”They have sales all of the time and have unbelievable prices,” she retorted. After my latest eye exam and with my new prescription in hand, I decided to stop by Paris-Miki just to look at the frames since the place I’ve gone to for the last 5 of my frames didn’t have anything I liked. Yep, they were having a sale- complete glasses (frames and lens) from around $50-75 and up depending on the frames and lens.

I ended up choosing a pair of frames on my own (normally I need the confirmation of a friend or my hubby) and left my prescription. About an hour later I received a phone call telling me my glasses were ready and I could pick them up (they had the Seiko lens in stock and onsite so they were able to assemble them).

Overall, I paid more than my friend did because my prescription is so terrible and needed to pay more for the thinner lens, but as a person who buys glasses frequently, I’m quite happy with my purchase and the service I received. I don’t know the brand or where the frames were made but they are cute, comfortable and sturdy. I may not even bother with my insurance for my glasses and use it on contacts instead.

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